Cuisine: Native Hawaiian

Island Poke Cayman


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Island Poke

For authentic poke Island Poke’s ‘Signature Bowls’ are a healthy and delicious option. Offering delivery service only, select from a range of poke bowls topped with the freshest locally caught tuna or melt-in-your-mouth salmon, or opt for the equally creative vegan and/or vegetarian options. Served over rice, ramen, or mixed greens enjoy fun sauces and seasonings, and make sure not to miss out on the house poke sauce.

ahi tuna / sweet onion / scallion / cucumber / chili flakes / seaweed salad / sesame seeds / house poke sauce served over sushi rice

spicy ahi / sweet onion / cucumber / scallion / edamame / sesame seeds / house poke sauce / sriracha aioli / onion crisps / shredded nori / served over sushi rice

salmon / sweet onion / avocado / cucumber salad / edamame / house poke sauce / sesame seeds / tempura bits / served over brown rice

ahi tuna / salmon / crab stick / avocado / cucumber / seaweed salad / citrus ponzu / house poke sauce / pickled ginger / sesame seeds / tempura bits / served over sushi rice

roasted sweet potato / firm tofu / cucumber salad / sweet onion / seaweed salad / marinated shitake / garlic crisps / wasabi shoyu / served over mixed greens

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